The Grand Opening!

The Grand Opening!

A Chimerical Dream

    I'll keep this short and sweet and start by asking you a simple question.

Do you remember your first anime?

I know I do. I remember crying those manly tears after watching Clannad & Clannad Afterstory. Then staying up at all hours of the night to watch the new episode of AngelBeats or Naruto.  It's a moment that I believe all of us who watch anime can relate to. Overtime I found friends who felt the same way I did about anime and the culture behind it. We all know that when your passionate about something we want to express it, show it off if you will. How do you do that with anime? You might ask. Well that's where cosplay comes in. It's not only an amazing way to meet new people but also a way to express your passion. We wanted to make this easier for people to try. So this is where Chimeric comes in. We offer a quick and easy way to get your foot in the door with cosplay and just your everyday anime knickknacks. Shipping is on us because we want you to express yourself.

Go out there and be someone.


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